T2 Bay»Interior»Westfalia Berlin Table (Whole Set with swing leg)

Westfalia Berlin Table (Whole Set with swing leg)


RRP: £ 295.00

Our Price: £ 240.00 (Incl. VAT)

Parts Included:

C9218 Big Part Tabletop, C9219 Small Part Tabletop, C9215 Swing Table Leg, C9214 Steel Base Holder, C9206 Hand Fasten Wheel x 2pcs, C9200 Hinge, C9201 Small Part Metal Plate, C9202 Small Part Aluminium Button, C9203 Big Part Metal Washer, C9204 Steel Sliding Arm Support, C9205 Black Rubber Holder, C9208 Sliding Arm Support, C9212 Swing Leg Bottom Base Bracket, C9213 Swing Leg Middle Holder Bracket