Tan Canvas Tonneau Cover for Crew Cab Double Cab Split Pick Up


Tan Canvas Tonneau Cover for Split Screen Crew/Double Cab Pick Up.

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Tan Canvas Tonneau Cover for Split Screen Crew/Double Cab Pick Up.

Heavy Duty waterproof cotton Canvas fits to the bulkhead and the drop sides and tailgate via the eyelets on the canvas to the hoops on the bodywork. Fits over loading bed on VW T2 Split Crew/Double Cab pick ups from 1950-1967. We have reproduced this canvas to the same spec as the original canvas including colour, style, size, weight and waterproofing. We have also reproduced all the small fittings including rectangular eyelets(in brass), lock loops and hooks...

This canvas fits all VW T2 Splits Crew/Double cab pick ups with original dropsides nicely.

We also sell canvas for other VW pick up models from 1950-1979.

We can also supply Pick Up Tonneau Supports (C9723) which fit under the tonneau to ensure it stays level.


This canvas has been reproduced exactly according to the specifications of the original VW canvas. It is identical in colour, style, size, weight and waterproofing.

All small details are identical in shape and material to the original ones, rectangular eyelets (aluminium and brass), loops, hooks.

The waterproof resistant cotton fabric is perfect for use with the original steel hoops or our reproduction ones, ref C9576 and C9576F.

 This canvas tarpaulin is designed for original drop gates.

CAUTION: some reproduction drop gates do not have the hooks in the right place (e.g. Klassic Fab).

Contact us for more information.

Care instructions for correct use of Pick-Up Canvas.

Please read this before unpacking and fitting your new Pick Up Canvas.

We have tried our best to make our reproduction the same grade cotton canvas as the originals with a high index waterproof layer on the inside, water-splashing-proof on the outside and also with preshrinking treatment to standardize the shape of the canvas. However, due to the nature of cotton canvas, if you decide to use your pick up with the canvas on under all weathers, we suggest that you apply some waterproof spray on the outside of your canvas while it is completely dry and also keep all the eyelets on all sides of the canvas securely attached onto all metal hoops on all drop gates as long as possible while using the canvas on your Pick Up for the first few months to allow it to settle down, especially when it is raining or in moist conditions, as VW would have recommended with their original canvases initially. You may repeat applying waterproof spray as required. 

When you take the canvas off your Pick Up and store it, please make sure it is completely dry, fold it carefully into the original carry bag and put it into a sealed plastic bag for indoor storage.

*Please Note NLA VW Parts can not be held responsible for any damages due to incorrect use of this canvas.

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Tan Canvas Tonneau Cover for Crew Cab Double Cab Split Pick Up

Tan Canvas Tonneau Cover for Crew Cab Double Cab Split Pick Up

Tan Canvas Tonneau Cover for Split Screen Crew/Double Cab Pick Up.

From David Dixon | 2020-02-21 02:02:34

I have Klassicfab drop gates on my 1963 double cab pickup. I read on your site that there may be a problem with the fit and or location of the position of the attachment points. Is there a measurement that could solve the question so that the tonneau cover can be made to attach properly?


Hi Thank you for your message.
Sorry for the delay.
There are 2 issues for Classic fab drop gates.
1. the width of the lock loop. Please measure yours, and some of Classic fabs is wider than the original one so can not go through the eyelet; but not all classic fab's like that;
2. If you can measure the distance of your lockloops on your drop gate to the front dropgate edge/corner, we will measure our canvas and advice you if it will fit yours.
Hope this is helpful.
NLA VW parts

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