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Curtain Rails

Curtain Rails

Category: Curtain Rails

Westfalia Bay Window Curtain Rail Set 5pcs 1968-1979 LHD

Product Code: C9624
Westfalia Bay Window Curtain Rail Set 5pcs Our curtain rods followed the OG rods shape and size, so it will be fitted using the existing factory mounting holes. We did not drill any holes on it so you can drill it based on the locations of the factory mounting holes on your van.

Westfalia T2 Bay Behind Driver Long Curtain Rail

Product Code: C9629
C9629 Westfalia Bay Behind Driver Long Curtain Rail. It is originally a 2.4m long rail. To make it shippable, we cut it into 2 pcs, 117.5cm and 125.5cm, to suit the rear window and the middle window.
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T2 Bay


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