VW Is Our Thing!!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our NLA VW Parts web shop. Our brand name “NLA VW Parts” stands for No Longer Available VW Parts. This stamps our strength in reproducing classic VW parts that are no longer available from conventional sources.

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to all our wonderful VW owners and loyal customers who have supported us over the past years.

We all live in a changing world. With Brexit going ahead, we are facing huge challenges on Sterling Pound devaluation and potentially international trade barriers. However, based on our huge investments on tooling for classic VW parts, we are very confident on keeping high levels of services to supply you “hard to find” classic VW parts.

At NLA VW Parts, we never stop researching and developing the most sought after No Longer Available VW parts. We spend a lot of time and effort on sourcing the best available raw materials, and we invest a lot on tooling to manufacture identical reproductions in order to offer the highest standard in quality and the most accurate finish to the originals, and the lowest affordable prices to all our customers.

This year, we bring to the Westfalia SO42 owners both versions of the spice rack and fittings on the cargo door; we bring to the Westfalia Early Bay owners both versions of the side dining table and fittings; we bring to the Westfalia Late Bay owners all 5 different plaid wooden buddy seat/storage box between the front seats……

Finally, may God bring us the best weather; may all of our customers enjoy it……

Keep all Volkswagens on the road forever!

Warmest regards,


NLA VW Parts