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German Quality Cab Child Bunk for VW T5 / T6


Standard Cab child bunk for VW T5 van, camper and bus


This is a brand new designed high quality German Standard Cab Child Bunk for VW T5 van, camper and bus with very strong dark grey canvas and set of thick wall steel tubes. We have also checked the fitting and are happy to confirm that this Child Bunk fits perfect for the T6.  This bunk will also fit some models of the new style 2019 -  model year Vauxhall Vivaro to date, some models of the latest 2018 to date Ford Transit Custom and some models of the 2018 Mercedes Sprinter to date.  Please check with us before purchasing.

The special points for our cab child bunk is that it can be packed down to 780mm long for easy storage and our bunk has one end wider and one end narrower to accommodate the steering wheel but to give the maximum comfort to a child.

It is very easy to set up and it rests on the cab door panels.

The size for the bunk when it is fully set up is: the length is 1700mm, the width at passenger side is 550mm and the width at the steering wheel side is 440mm. If you have a different model van, you can also measure the distance between your 2 cab window glass and this bunk will work if your measurement can house 1700mm and the bunk can still rest on the cab door panels.

The steel poles work on an insert and click system so that the frame is very strong but can be packed down to very small size (78cm x 22cm x 8cm). The frame work is designed to go around the locking mechanism so it will not touch the locking stick on the doors.

The child bunk canvas has two long sleeves for the side poles and also has 2 velcro-able end pockets for the two end poles.

It is also a fantastic cab storage shelf when camping if you do not use it as a child bunk.

It is a very strong child bunk. The canvas and the poles are all heavy duty parts.

The bunk has been tested to hold a weight of up to 9.5st/60kg.

The total weight of our child bunk is 5kgs

It can be packed down to very small size: 78cm x 22cm x 8cm.

It comes with step by step fitting instructions

"100% Cotton Canvas, Dry Clean Only"

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