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Classic Roof Rack for Classic Mini 1959 - 2000


1960s looking Roof Rack made from steel tubes with adjustable height & width for Classic Mini.



 A brand new classic roof rack designed for Classic Mini 1959-2000 including Morris Mini & Austin Mini.


As you may guess that we are a VW Classic cars/vans parts company. However, over the last few months, we were constantly asked by Mini owners if our classic roof racks would fit on Minis. Unfortunately at that time, the answer was no as the classic roof racks we designed were for VW vans therefore they were wider in width but shorter in length. To make one for Classic mini we have to shorten the width to fit in narrower Mini rain gutters and also to increase the front to rear length to make it fits over mini roof perfectly. Here you go, after a few months hard work, now we are delighted to offer this specially designed roof rack to Minis.

 This authentic style roof rack is made of a combination of 19mm in diametre and 16mm in diametre strong steel tubes with adjustable width for fitting in different gutter width of different classic cars. We will measure the range of gutter width this rack may fit and list it here soon. However, We have fitted one on our 1964 Mark I Mini and it fits as nice as showing in the photos. 

The width for the loading area including steel tubes are 93.5cm at the front end and 89.5cm at the rear end resulting from the non-parallel Mini gutters. 

For other classic cars we recommend that the minimum loading area would be 85cm in width and 107cm in length; and the maximum would be 95cm X 107cm on this roof rack.  

It is specially designed for Austin and Morris Mini from 1959 - 2000.

 The distance between the front and the rear feet is 66cm. This means that your car needs to have at least 66cm long clear rain gutters before you can use this roof rack on it.

The distance from the front edge of the loading area to the rear leg will follow.

It has a stunning grey powder coated finish to enhance its long lasting qualities in all weathers.

 The height of the 4 legs is adjustable by 3 different screw holes on the foot plates. (wall thickness 2.5mm) We recommend people use the lower setting on the feet, as this will give the rack a 2.5cm gap between the bottom of the rail and the centre of the roof.  However if you fancy taller looking you can use the middle setting and it will give you 5cm gap.  All feet have plastic shoes/mats to prevent your paint work getting damaged when clamping on the roof rain gutter.

The roof-rack comes with step by step fitting instructions with guiding pictures.

All fittings are provided making the assembly an easy job.

Roof rack weight: 5.6kgs

Box size: 108cm X 26cm X 10cm

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