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Adjustable Cab Child Bunk for VW T2 split window - 63061900


High Quality Cab Child Bunk or Storage Shelf for T2 Split Windows


Our High Quality Cab Child Bunk for VW T2 Split Windows is made of strong brown canvas and comes with a complete fitting kit which includes 4 metal brackets, 4 thick washers, 8 self-tapping screws and fitting instructions.

It can also be used as a fantastic cab storage shelf if you are not using as a child bunk.

It has 2 adjustable poles which allow you to fit the child bunk at any height and can fit the original Westfalia Child bunk brackets.

The child bunk is very strong with all materials at a greater quality than those of the original. It is suitable for holding a large child (holding weight limit is 70kg)

The lowest point on the back bracket is 14.2cm above the bulkhead rail top line or the bottom line of the cab window glass. The lowest point on the front bracket is 16cm above the bottom line on the cab window rubber seal.

"100% Cotton Canvas, Dry Clean Only"

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