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Adjustable Brass Suction Clamps


Holds awning rail or sun canopy frame to the top or side of a vehicle without a rain gutter.


Our adjustable brass suction clamps are our brand new design for holding awning rails or sun canopy frames to the top or side of a vehicle wihtout a rain gutter.

It can clamp pole sizes from 15mm to 25mm, with a 56mm diameter rubber suction disc.

Our suction clamps are very strong. When they are used on a clean smooth surface, 3 of them can connect a drive away awning securely.

Pack of 3

Please follow below correct way to place this suction clamp:
First, find a flat clean surface;
2nd, damp the rubber disc but not entirely wet;
3rd, place the rubber disc directly onto the surface, press the brass plate down hard with fingers when the black leaver is straight up/pointing straight.
last, turn the lever down at the same time when pressing the brass plate down
Job done! This clamp will stay as long as you want now :-)

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