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Pair of Westfalia Sink Cover Table Hinges for VW T2 Early Bay


Long arm hinges for early bay sink cover or sink table


I have a Westfalia pop top 71 early bay and I know how hard it is to find a pair of nice quality replacement long arm hinges for the sink cover/sink table, that's why we have reproduced these top quality long arm hinges for early bay sink cover or sink table.  They are made identical to the original hinges so they can be used directly as the replacement of your old ones. We have used slightly thicker steel to make these hinges stronger than the originals as we know the original hinges are sometimes slightly flimsy. (The original hinge is made of 1.6mm metal sheet and our reproduced hinge is 1.7mm.)

This sale is for a pair of hinges and 4 small screws and 2 strong self-tappers. We did drill the hole on the longer arm side but made the 2 small screw holes ready. The only reason for this is it will be more accurate for the customer to drill 1 hole on the longer arm side after it has been pushed into the slot of the table edge.

To avoid any doubt, these hinges measure 30mm wide and 45mm high when fitted. 

We have fitted these hinges on our sink cover and they work beautifully.


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