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Westfalia 3/4 Width Rock and Roll Complete Bed Kit Green Plaid

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Massive Bundle deal saving! Save over 30% off normal Retail prices for buying the parts individually.

3/4 Width Rock and Roll Bed complete Kit (with Green Plaid seat covers)


¾ width Rock and Roll Bed Complete Kit at amazing Bundle deal price.

Save over 30% off normal Retail prices for buying all the parts individually.

This flat pack, self assembly kit contains all you need to install an authentic looking Rock and Roll (R&R) bed including the correct fixtures and fittings into your T2 Late Bay from 1974- 1979.

Parts included and individual prices are:-

C9470 Rock and Roll Wood Board Set                                              £242.00

SH013 Rock and Roll Hinges                                                             £71.45

CF07 Bed Back Foam                                                                        £45.50

CF08 Bed Seat Foam                                                                         £45.50

C9555 ¾ Rock and Roll Bed Back Cover                                          £79.95

C9556 ¾ Rock and Roll Bed Seat Cover                                          £79.95

C9511M Pair of R&R Bed backrest woodboard metal plates            £16.49

C9512M Pair of R&R Bed Seat woodboard metal flat plate              £10.95

C9513M Front Panel Top Metal U Rail                                              £21.45

C9432 Black Westfalia handle with push button                                £10.45

C9484 Cupboard Handle inner locking part                                       £7.99

C9431 Rock and Roll Seat Support Kit                                              £21.45

C9111B Rubber Edge Trim Black, Thin T profile (2 metres)             £9.90

C9114B Rubber Cupboard Door Trim Black K profile (2 metres)     £11.90

C9514M Cupboard Door Hinges (1Pair)                                            £10.99

C9502 Aluminium Air Vent for Bed Base                                           £16.45

C9722 Metal L plates x 6                                                                    £11.94

C9848 Rock and roll bed fitting kit                                                    £24.76

Total value      £739.07


Bundle price of £497.28! Saving over 30%!



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