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Top Quality Vintage Sun Canopy for VW T2s & T25s in Orange with Gutter Pole and Clamps


Westfalia Style reproduction Cotton Sun Canopy in Orange for T2 Splits, Bays & T25s


Welcome to our top quality vintage style orange sun canopy - Latest version for Campervan, Caravan and motorhome - any vehicle with an awning channel / multi rail!

It offers you a style reminiscent of the 1960s as well as protection from the sun.

Ideal for days out, you can erect this sun canopy in a matter of minutes.

This sun canopy comes with 2 way connections. It has got the 6mm piping cord to slide into your awning channel or multi rail; also, it comes with a gutter rail and 3 gripper clamps to connect to the side rain gutter of a classic vehicle.

Please note this sun canopy does NOT have a sewn-in rubber strip which can clamp/grip onto the rain gutter. (This model is sold separately in our eBay shop).

After setting up, it provides a very strong connection- when we strength-tested it by pulling the canopy away from the van, the whole van was rocking but the canopy stayed strong.

It is also very easy to put on and to take off. One person can set this sun canopy up easily!

It measures 240cm wide along the length of the van and 200cm deep, distance extended from the van.

The fabric that we use for this classic sun canopy is the same specification cotton material as the 1960s Westfalia roof canvas.

The colour is the same as the original orange roof canvas.

The sun canopy has been manufactured carefully with three brass pole eyelets with strong backings along the front edge.

It comes with three height adjustable (188cm to 235cm) upright poles and this allows it to be erected in variety of ways depending on the conditions and the shade needed.

It includes

  • The sun canopy fabric
  • 1 gutter rail and 3 gripper clamps
  • 3 adjustable upright poles
  • 3 guy ropes and pegs

This sun canopy is shower-proof and we recommend using in fair weather.

The comparison between C8539 and C8539P:

First, both canopies are the same in terms of size, colour, materials, and shape.

The only difference is at the connect part. For C8539, it comes with the original Westfalia designed rubber trim which can grip on the VW T2 rail gutter nicely. For C8539P, this is designed to use metal gutter pole and 3 gripper clamps system to replace the Westfalia rubber trim. This pole and clamps set up is ideal for non-VW vans and caravans with rain gutter to use this sun canopy. In this set up, it also comes with a 6mm piping which can slide into the awning channel on a motorhome or trailer tent.

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