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Westfalia Early Bay curtain set 12pcs white yellow brown chequered for Bays with Aluminium curtain tracks - 63049100



High quality reproduction of Westfalia curtain set for Bay window camper. It is originally for early Bays with aluminium curtain track on cab doors (we now have this part too, C9774) and the sliding door(and this one too, C9777). This set has 1 piece curtain with poppers for the front window, 2 cab door window curtains with curtain tape and gliss and hooks, 1 curtain for sliding door with curtain tape and gliss and hooks, 3 pairs of curtains for side windows and a pair for tail gate window. This set is almost identical to the originals as you can see in the photo.

It is sold per set. It includes:

C9661 front curtain to cover the front windscreen;

C9662L and C9662R for the 2 cab windows, including C9621 x 4 (20 sliders) C9622 x 4 (20 hooks) and C9620 x 1 (pair of metal end stoppers)

C9664 A pair of curtains for back window,

3x C9302 a pair for side window,

C9663 a long single piece for the sliding door window, including C9621 x 3 (15 sliders) C9622 x 3 (15 hooks) and C9620 x 1 (1 pair of metal end stoppers)

There are 12 pieces in total.

This curtain set comes with all fittings needed.

The side window curtains come with a push-button stud in the middle.

We tried our best to make these curtains as close to the originals as possible.

It is suitable for VW Bay window camper vans with Aluminium Curtain tracks on cab door windows and sliding door window.

Very limited production.

We have very limited stock available. Hurry, grab yourself a real bargain today!

"Please push both sun visors outwards to hold the front windscreen curtain up"

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