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Over Sliding Door Rubber Trim
Over Sliding Door Rubber Trim
Over Sliding Door Rubber Trim
Over Sliding Door Rubber Trim

Westfalia Bay Over Sliding Door Rubber Trim



This is our reproduction very rare rubber trim for Westfalia Baywindow. It is used over sliding door to stop curtain jammed into the sliding door. It is off white rubber trim to fit into the roof board rail to stop the curtains jaming into the sliding door.

Here is the correct fitting process:

1. unscrew the self-tappers on the small ceiling section directly above the sliding door (if you have a pop top model).

2. Place the trim inside the 3mm metal roof chanel over the sliding door area and pointing the radius end to the front of your bus (if you have a LHD Van).

3. Then with the white trim in the channel, put the ceiling panel back in place. it will be tight and this is the idea to fit the C9557 trim.

4.Then screw your self-tappers back in places.

Job down.

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