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NLA VW Grey & Green Windbreak 5m L X 1.44m H


Stylish two-colour windbreak for protection from the wind and for privacy


This stylish windbreak is a versatile piece of equipment for camping and for picnics. It comprises 3 panels each with 3 equal colour section. There are 4 vertical steel poles and 3 horizontal steel poles that fit over the top end of the vertical poles. There are also 6 guy ropes and 14 steel pegs to secure the windbreak. This is one of very few windbreaks with horizontal poles along the top edge, this means that the fabric cannot be overstretched when erecting the windbreak, it also reduces the wind load on the fabric.

Each of the 4 vertical poles has a steel cup which enables the end of the pole to be secured to the ground using 2 pegs, one through each of the holes in the steel cup. Alternatively, the steel cups can be replaced by rubber caps (included) that enable the windbreak to be erected on hard surfaces. This will require some form of weights (not supplied) to anchor the guy ropes to.  Supplied with one bag for the pegs and another for the fabric and poles.

The overall length of the windbreak is 5m in 3 equal panels. The height of the panel is 137cm, and the vertical pole height is 144cm. The box dimensions are 60cm (length) x 22cm (width) x 10cm (height) and it weighs 6kgs.

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